The FeministWiki hosts blogs for you!

If the type of feminism described on the main page of the FeministWiki appeals to you, and you would like to publish your thoughts into the world, drop me an email at or contact me on Twitter at @FeministWiki so we can get you started with blogging.

Two options are available for FeministWiki members who want to blog:

  1. Publish blog posts in the shared main blog of the FeministWiki.
  2. Get a personalized blog whose content and style you fully control.

The first option is the easiest. First, just log in to the blog with your FeministWiki username and password. This will automatically register you as a blog user. Then drop me a message via e-mail or Twitter so I can configure your blog user to be an “Author” account. That’s all, and you can start publishing posts right away.

The second option gives you full control over a personalized blog, under a site name like Only you and people you allow will be able to publish under that blog. You will have full control over its contents as well as its graphical style. It gives you more freedom at the cost of more complexity.

Whichever option you prefer, just drop me a message and we’ll set it up quickly. It costs nothing extra to host a few more blogs under the FeministWiki infrastructure.

Happy blogging! 🙂

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